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LISTEN UP!!! WE are having a competition!

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Do you want to win ANY of prizes above while HELPING us raise $$ to normalize mental health issues? THEN this is your chance! Enter the competition NOW! It is FREE to ENTER!

Follow RULES of the competition:

  • Follow @blendtw on IG if you aren’t already
  • Send us an email (click button above) that you INTEND to participate on the competition by February 15th. We will NOT accept entries after that day. In fact, we reserve the right to CLOSE competition before deadline IF we get too many entries so ACT NOW
  • After you send an email to us, you will be provided with a UNIQUE link to the campaign. We will also send you materials, so you can share campaign in your own SM sites.
  • Bring backers that pledge $150 (combined) during the month of February using your unique link to be considered for the MAJOR prize. People that bring backers or donations from $20- $150 can take part in a raffle for the second prize.
  • The person that brings MORE backers to our campaign during ALL the month of February will BE the WINNER of the MAJOR PRIZE! The raffle winner will receive the second prize.
  • WINNERS will be announced on March! And they will be featured on our site!

Tell ALL your friends about it. Anyone can participate as LONG as they follow the RULES!! For questions & concerns about competition, SEND us an email!

GOOD LUCK!  Let’s blend the world!

Pledge now!