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Clearing up the Confusion Behind the Phrase “Be Yourself”



Two college students having a blast balancing books on their heads and reading at a table, laughing and smiling

Most college students battle with identity, acceptance, and self-perception. Several variables contribute to the idea of what it means to “be yourself,” some of which are not immediately obvious.

The journey as a college student typically begins with the advice to “be yourself,” among other such vague statements. Hundreds of articles explain its importance.

The belief that happiness and satisfaction will automatically present themselves when we remain true to ourselves is ingrained in cultures that value individuality. But what does it mean to “be yourself,” and how valid is this statement? Additionally, do variables like social norms and mental illnesses further complicate individuality?

What does “being yourself” really mean?

According to Katrina P. Jongman-Sereno and Mark Leary, this commonly-used phrase can refer to one of three ideas: the expression of true “physiological states, emotions, and beliefs”; acting according to one’s values and morals; or displaying consistency in the Big Five traits.

If faced with extreme external pressure, one may lose their composure or sense of diplomacy and express their true emotions. They may also feel a sense of cognitive dissonance or guilt upon acting in a way that goes against their morals or religious beliefs.

Finally, they may display a combination of complementary traits such as introversion and discipline, extraversion and agreeableness, etc. These three interpretations of what it means to “be yourself” provide some clarity to the phrase.

Being true to oneself is perhaps valued because of the sense of fulfillment it provides regarding the meaning of life. We surround identity with an overarching narrative that is symbiotic to it. However, it is important to note that identities are fluid, and we cannot stick to one identity our whole life.

We combine accumulated highlights from our past with our view of the future to create an identity in the present. It can be suggested, then, that a sense of identity is usually not an end goal, but rather a prompt when navigating life circumstances.

One Reddit user contributed the following to a discussion on what it means to “be yourself”:

“My interpretation of it is finding out who you are outside of your previous surroundings/company. You get to really find out what you like/dislike when you’re away from people that know you. You can have new experiences without judgement.”

Society and how it fits within the narrative

There’s a layer of complexity to the concept of what it means to “be yourself.” Identities do not exist in isolation – we are shaped by the biological, social, cultural, and economic spheres within which our lives take place.

As a result, it goes without saying that social norms play a notable role in how we identify and express ourselves. Groups and their conventions can have extreme effects on identity – suppressing it on one end, or resulting in conformation on the other.

Man in a black shirt and glasses looking at himself in the mirror

One Redditor commented:

“I’ve noticed that I’ve picked up a lot of the personality traits of my friends at college and the same has happened to my friends from high school. It’s all about who you surround yourself with. You’ll end up talking and acting just like the people you surround yourself with.”

A study done by Amanda Koontz Anthony and Janice McCabe explored how engagement with friend groups can construct our sense of identity. They coined the abstract term “friendship talk,” referring to the act of building an identity based on conversation.

By engaging in “friendship talk” and making friends (a key component of identity construction), one is more likely to draw out their personality traits simply by looking at the differences between them and their friends.

While this may be a subconscious exercise, forming a personality solely in relation to others can be harmful to your personality’s accuracy. Anthony and McCabe further discuss the likeliness of this occurrence with college students as they move away from home.

Since humans are creatures with complex traits that are accumulated over the courses of their lives, a group cannot be completely homogeneous. As a result, every group assigns “roles” to each member. Groups may have the “smart friend,” the “hard worker,” the “class clown,” etc.

It’s plausible that such designations occur early on and are made concrete in high school. Most high schools in the U.S. have yearbook practices, where students are given predicted roles such as “most likely to succeed.”

Carrying these roles with you into your college life might result in conflict between your younger self and your more developed identity as the two fight for relevance in your present life.

Mental health and how it complicates the narrative

As of April 2016, one in four college students is likely to have a diagnosable mental illness. Nearly 42% of college students felt that they were unable to function due to their depression in 2018. Two-thirds of the student population with a mental disorder don’t seek treatment.

Some of the most common mental disorders in American colleges are depression, anxiety, eating disorders, ADHD, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, sleeping issues/disorders, and self-injury.

It would be worth, therefore, exploring the significance of mental illness in identity development in college. According to a 2015 study done by Jessica Samuolis et al., being diagnosed with a mental illness strongly predicts “very severe distress related to the identity domains of friendships and long-term goals.”

Career paths and social relationships are significantly affected when one is contemplating their identity under the burden of a distorted self-perception prompted by their respective mental illness(es).

A concept called “negative affect” also plays a role in influencing identity. Brian Massumi defines affect as distinct from emotion — it transcends conscious emotional awareness. Negative affectivity, in extension, is the association of feelings such as shame, guilt, disgust, or fear with one’s personality. Samuolis et al. explain that there are ties between mental illness in adolescents and such visceral negative associations.

Illnesses pertaining to social interaction such as social anxiety disorder, body dysmorphic disorder, etc. may then play a harmful role in self-perceptions. One may fall into a spiral of inaccurate thoughts about oneself that may drive them to isolate themselves.

This isolation may encourage them to keep a negative and wrongly-concluded idea of who they are. The question of what it means to “be yourself” need not be purely philosophical; it can also be approached in a practical way. As Alan Watts famously said, “A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except thoughts. So, he loses touch with reality and lives in a world of illusions.”

What can we do to be more authentic?

We’ve established so far that identity is a fluid construct with varying levels of authenticity that can be influenced by external societal norms. How can we strive to achieve our current most authentic selves, in that case?

In his book Client-Centered Therapy, Carl Rogers tackles the role of authenticity in everyday functioning. He concludes that patients who responded truthfully and authentically to questions, disregarding the blanket of norms thrown on society, are more likely to progress in therapy. Being in groups that allow one to express their interests and opinions is essential to uncovering one’s identity.

While it is important to be challenged by varying perspectives, groups that make you fine-tune fundamental aspects of your identity to fit in may not be worth engaging with. Join groups that bring out the best in your personality and morals, while at the same time allowing you to develop as an individual.

Being part of multiple groups can also be healthy in cultivating an identity. Club culture is an intrinsic part of college. By engaging with communities that compliment your identity – be it social reform, media, or technology, engagement with activities that adhere to your interests further shapes your identity. It is important to only involve yourself in groups that are accepting of your ideals, morals, interests, and orientations.

There are a lot of meanings behind what it means to “be yourself”. But whether those variables line up with who we are now, or would like to be in the future is an important consideration to make.

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College Life

50 Dorm Room Must Haves for College Students in 2021



Bedroom with a wooden wall and white bedding and pink blanket

This post probably contains affiliate links. Our full disclosure is long, but you can find it here.

When moving into a new dorm room, it is your opportunity to decorate it to fit your personal style! There are so many dorm must haves out there to choose from and it can look a bit daunting. But I put together a few items that I added to my dorm room, which I think you will like as well.

I love adding many fluffy pillows, fun decorations, and even useful organization tools to my spice up my dorm room and you will too!

So these are 50 dorm must-haves for students that you need to include in your room .

This list even includes some new pandemic-related dorm essentials that you may not have thought about.

Must Haves For Your Bed

1. All Seasons Comforter Set

Intelligent Design - Clara -All Seasons Comforter Set

There are a few things that stand out in a dorm room, one of which is your bed. Because your bed is a huge focal point in your dorm room, the way you style it controls the look of the entire room.

This semester, you have many styles to choose from in terms of the design and color of your comforter.

The current popular styles of comforters are minimalistic with a simple color scheme that matches the rest of the dorm room and an optional layer of a fun design or pattern.

Choosing the best-fitting colors and design will help your comforter pop out of the rest of its surroundings but also blend in well with the room’s color scheme. 

A comfy texture of your dorm comforter is a dorm must-have. Having a soft and cozy comforter will create a relaxing place for you to spend your free time on Netflix or Hulu.

There are hundreds of comforter designs available to you, so get out and choose the perfect one for your dorm room. 


2. Comfy Sheets

Printed Coastal Microfiber Bed Sheets

The important part of making sure you are comfortable when trying to fall asleep is the type of sheets you have wrapped around you. Everyone has a different preference for what sort of fabric they prefer when it comes to their dorm room sheets.

The choices may seem endless with sateen, flannel, percale and so many more, but picking the right fabric could turn a pair of sheets into a dorm must-have.

There are also many patterns and color palettes you can choose from. Picking the right color palette to match the rest of your dorm room aesthetic can bring everything together, even if you don’t feel up to making your bed every day. 


3. Faux Fur Throw Pillow Case

Ashler Pillow Case Cushion Cover

Pillows will make your dorm room feel like home whether you choose accent pillows, body pillows or floor pillows.

Your dorm room is where you hang out in your free time or when using Zoom during class. Pillows can spice up a dorm room’s aesthetic and tone down its atmosphere.

Your bed is the first place pillows are a must-have item. These pillows can be plushy, standard-sized pillows to get your best sleep on. 

Adding accent pillows to put on during the day will clean up your bed game and make your dorm room put together. Using mini accent pillows on a spare chair can also add an extra level of comfort to your dorm room.

Body pillows, backrest pillows and floor pillows make it easy to study wherever you are in your room without having to sit at your desk all the time.

I love to use these huge pillows to prop myself up against my dorm room wall and watch Netflix at night or read until I fall asleep. At least the pillows keep my head from nodding off! 


4. Soft Blankets and Throws

Sleepwish Sherpa Fleece Fluffy Blanket Rainbow Butterfly

Dorms and residential halls can get cold with chilly temperatures creeping in from outside. Have a few extra blankets to wrap yourself in on a cold day.

In 2021, it is all about faux fur! Soft, textured blankets make you feel as though you are snuggling up with your pet that you had to leave at home. 

Calming, weighted blankets are also a comforting option. Their weight helps you relax and unwind after a long day of studying or online classes. These have become a popular must-have in college dorm rooms.

I really want one of these because I have heard it helps calm you when you get anxious about homework or friend drama. I tend to get caught up in a lot of that, so this would be very helpful for me. I’m sure it can calm you down as well!


5. Upholstered Headboard

Modway Lily Upholstered Twin Headboard

Is your bed taken over by the lovely, puffy comforter and pillows? To balance all the comfy energy on your dorm room bed, a unique headboard could do the trick.

It can make you feel even more at home if you use a similar design to your headboard you had to leave behind.

Headboards can be of any style, texture, color and shape. It can also be designed to match the color scheme or mood of your room. As your Twin XL college dorm bed may seem unexciting, adding a headboard can make it look like the bed of your dreams. 

My headboard is wooden and matches the style I have picked for my storage units, desk, and chair in my dorm room. Having a headboard does a great job of tying everything together. 


6. Waterproof Mattress Protector

Linenspa Premium Smooth Fabric Mattress Protector

Nothing could be worse than discovering bedbugs have taken over your mattress in your dorm room.

The risk of a bedbug takeover can be eliminated with a mattress protector. Make sure you buy the right size for your dorm bed!

I know this may not seem that important, but trust me, you will thank yourself when the end of the year rolls around and you can just take off your mattress protector and your mattress is just like new again!


7. Quilted Fitted Mattress Pad

Utopia Bedding Quilted Fitted Mattress Pad (Twin)

Dorm rooms don’t usually come with as nice of a mattress as you may have at home. An uncomfortable mattress can be a hit or miss with all the time you want to spend in bed watching Netflix and getting good-quality sleep.

Therefore, a mattress pad for your dorm bed can make all the difference in your sleep schedule.

My mattress was uncomfortable before I got a mattress pad. Now I find I can sleep better and fall asleep more quickly than before! This item is definitely worth the price!


Must Haves For Organization

8. Underbed Storage Bag

SONGMICS Underbed Storage Bag

Trying to fit a whole year’s worth of school supplies, clothing, and snacks into your dorm room can leave it looking like a tornado just blew through.

Though room organization is a huge struggle for many college students, storage units can solve this problem by decluttering a room.

Storage trunks can be used as both a storage spot and a display table. Storage bins are useful for optimizing minimal storage space under your dorm room bed and other hard-to-get-to places.

I use the space under my bed to keep my snacks and extra books from previous semesters.


9. Multi-layer Hangers

Devesanter Multi-Layer Hanger

It is quite common for dorm rooms to have very limited closet space.

Plastic hangers found in any back-to-school section of the store are often bulky and take up way too much space in your dorm closet.

Multi-layer hangers save a lot of space in your dorm closet and help declutter the area, creating more room for other storage. 


10. Velvet Hangers

Utopia Home Premium Non Slip Velvet Hangers

These allow you to fit more clothes in your dorm closet than thicker plastic hangers.

They also stop your shirts and sweaters from sliding off one side after the other, creating piles of clothing on the floor with just one accidental nudge.

This means no more clean clothing covered in dust!


11. Organizers Hang on Doors

Gorilla Grip Premium Over The Door Shoe Organizer

Organization tools such as caddies or hooks can save space in your college dorm room when it may seem like you have none. These caddies can hold shoes in your closet or extra books that don’t fit on your desk. 

Caddies can also hang on Command hooks and therefore have more versatility than you may realize. Wall hooks can be stuck to any surface to add the ability to hang decorations on windows, organization caddies on doors or photos on walls. 

I love to hang up fun lights using Command hooks and my caddie saves me a lot of space and clutter!


12. Adjustable Drawer Dividers

TENABORT Adjustable Drawer Dividers

When you need to find that favorite pen or pencil in your dorm room desk drawer, it can be challenging to sift through all the other items rolling around in your desk.

A drawer divider can keep each of those specific items organized and prevent them from rolling around each time you open and close the drawer. You will never have to waste time rummaging around in your desk again!

These drawer dividers have also saved me a lot of ot time during virtual classes. I don’t need to rummage around in my desk drawers to find things.


13. Desk Organizer

SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer

This must-have can organize the top of your desk. Papers, sticky notes and other objects that you usually keep on your dorm room desk tend to make your room look a bit cluttered if they are not kept straight.

A desk organizer reserves space for each item to keep them in their own place and leaves space on your desk for your computer and anything else you are working on. 


Must Have Toiletries

14. Personalized Embroidered Towels

Custom Monogrammed Personalized Embroidered Towels

Embroidered bath and hand towels are popular items this semester as students do what they can to keep track of their towels.

Having your name or monogram embroidered onto your towel set is a cheap way of preventing other students living in your dorm from confusing your generic towel with theirs.

This small way of personalizing your towels will save you from having to replace them after the awkward swap takes place in your dorm’s communal bathroom.

My towel set has lasted me a long time and has also definitely saved me from the confusion I may be confronted with, in the event that another student accidentally reached for mine instead of theirs.


15. Portable Storage Organizer

Design Plastic Portable Storage Organizer Utility Caddy Tote

Dorm halls usually have shared bathrooms at the end of each hallway and therefore require you to carry all your belongings with you to and from the showers.

Shower caddies and tote bags are your answer when it comes to carrying all your essential toiletries to and from your dorm room.

Don’t forget those flip-flops as you walk down the halls because they can protect you from the dirt and grime collecting on the dorm floors.

I have so many different kinds of soap, shampoo, scrubs, lotions, and so much more, that I can’t possibly carry all those items to the bathroom in one go.

I highly recommend you invest in this waterproof shower caddie!


16. A Warm Bathrobe

American Soft Linen Luxury Hotel & SPA Warm Soft Plush Fleece Robe

While walking to and from the bathroom down that long hallway in your dorm, it can be a nuisance to have to hold your towel around you with one hand and all your other belongings with the other.

A bathrobe can fix your lack of an extra arm by allowing you to free up your hand that you would usually use to hold up your towel. It also takes away the risk of losing your grip on your towel before you can get back to your dorm room!

I cannot say I have been one of those embraces students that have lost hold of their towel in the hallway, but I can say I have come dangerously close.

I appreciate the protection my robe provides from my soaking wet hair as well.


Must Have Decorations

17. Easy Peel and Stick Wallpaper 

Decals for the Wall Easy Peel + Stick Wall Decal Dots

Though you may have all the decorations you think you could ever need to make your dorm room one of a kind, there is a huge canvas that still needs to be used to make your dorm room stand out.

A blank wall that may take up one-sixth of your room needs to be covered! Easy-to-apply wallpaper can make wall decorating a quick, easy, and mess-free process.

If you want an even softer look than the wallpaper options, you could look into hanging a tapestry or posters to bring your dorm room to life. 

I actually got tired of the weird zoom backgrounds and put up my own easy-peel wallpaper behind me so when I am in online class, I already have a background! I highly recommend you try this out! It is also easy to get off if you ever want a different background.


18. LED Photo Clip String Lights

LECLSTAR LED Photo Clip String Lights

If you want to hang many pictures on the wall but don’t have enough frames for them, clipping your photos up could be another option.

This also avoids the risk of cheap tape falling off the wall. LED photo clip string lights make the display warm and inviting while they light up each of your photos!

I love these lights because they make my room look a lot more relaxed and also bring attention to the funny photos I hang on them!


19. LED String Lights

ANJAYLIA LED String Lights

LED lights can add the finishing touch to any dorm room. They add soft lighting to set a relaxing mood and create a dainty aesthetic.

Though some colleges have restrictions on electric lights, they are usually more lenient with these smaller fairy string lights as they are seen to be less of a fire hazard. Check your college’s policies on dorm lighting just in case!

Many schools have policies against string lights, but if your school lets you hang them up in your room, I highly recommend you add them to your dorm room!


20. Mini Plants 

Nubry Mini Fake Succulent Plants

Your dorm room may have all the comfy blankets and pillows it needs to fit your style, but it is missing the beautiful feeling of life.

Mini plants can bring that feeling of life to your dorm room! They can be a great way to get you up in the morning because you have to water them (even though they are easy to maintain).

It can also be an entertaining conversation to have with your peers if you come up with fun names for the plants. 

03/06/2021 06:34 pm GMT

Must Have Furniture

21. Bedside Shelf or Lap Desk

Amada Bedside Shelf for Bed with Cable Management & Cup Holder

When your bed is just too comfortable to get out of in the morning before class, why not have a way to do your classwork while in bed?

Having a bedside shelf to place items such as cups and mugs can allow you to stay in bed longer. And having a lap desk can make it easier for you to spend more time in bed while you keep yourself accountable by getting your classwork done.


22. Mini Fridge 

BLACK+DECKER Mini Fridge with Freezer

It can get old when you have to walk all the way to the dorm kitchen to get your leftovers from the dorm’s communal fridge.

What if others have taken your food by accident? With a mini-fridge in your dorm room, you don’t need to worry about your food mysteriously going missing.

Save yourself from that annoying trip all the way to and from the kitchen just for that pint of ice cream.  

If you plan on spending a long period of time in your dorm room, having the access to food from your mini-fridge can be a life-saver!


23. Full-length Mirror 

Letushy Wall Mirror Full Length and Door Mirror

Though there are many classes exclusively offered online at college this year, there are still opportunities for students to go out and dress up.

There is no way to check out your outfit or loungewear without a full-length mirror in your dorm room.

It is also a great way to take selfies of any new outfit or comfy look. This also had been a fun activity for my roommate and me to take friend photos in the mirror!

03/06/2021 06:32 pm GMT

24. Fuzzy Area Rugs

PAGISOFE Purple Area Rugs

Dorm rooms often have either hardwood or cold tile floors. This can put a damper on your comfy dorm room style.

A way to add more comfort to your dorm is by laying down a cozy rug.

The color, design, and shape of your rug can match the color scheme of your room and bring the entire design together!

03/06/2021 06:33 pm GMT

25. Window Shades 

Window Shades

The sun can be a pest in the morning when you are trying to sleep in until virtual class. None of us like being woken up early by the bright rays of the sun through our window.

Adding blackout window shades can increase your ability to sleep in and also bring your daytime movie game to the next level.

These window shades are easy to install and make all the difference when it comes to sleeping in.


26. USB port, Touch Control Table Lamp

Yarra-decor Bedside Lamp with USB port

Your dorm room may not have overhead lighting or enough lighting for reading and writing.

A desk lamp is a stylish and efficient way to light up your desk without having to move around the furniture in your dorm room. 

My desk lamp makes it a lot easier to control the level of lighting in my room as well. If my roommate wants to sleep, I have the option to only have my desk lamp on.


27. Modern Standing Lamp

Addlon Floor Lamp for Living Room with Lamp Shade and 9W LED Bulb

Often, the light already installed in dorm rooms is not in the most ideal location, and it can make it hard to create the best setup. This original light also rarely has the option to dim it or brighten it.

Getting a tall lamp and placing it in a good spot with your favorite type of light bulb can be the most ideal lighting option. 

I recommend this lamp because it is practical, but also has a nice lampshade that creates a subtle glow instead of harsh light like the ceiling light that comes with the room.


28. Small Trash Can

simplehuman Gallon Round Bathroom Step Trash Can

Most dorm rooms come furnished with a desk, chair, bed, and dresser but no trash bin. Therefore, many students end up with no good place to store trash in their dorm rooms.

Picking up a small trash can may avoid the chances of your trash just sitting in an old plastic bag on the floor for days.

You also won’t have to awkwardly walk down the hall to the communal trash bin every time you need to discard something. 


29. Foldable Chair

Zenithen Foldable Chair

Dorm rooms can feel cramped with all the extra decorations and other belongings. Therefore, anything that can be storable is a dorm room must-have.

A foldable chair can be used to accommodate a friend or family member while staying out of the way when not being used. 

When the weather is nice enough to go outside, a foldable chair can be handy to take outside on the grass to hang out with friends.


30. Clip-on Light

Vekkia/LuminoLite Rechargeable Book Light

These lights can be very helpful when you are lying in bed and need to read a book for class but don’t want to turn on your bright lamp in order to see.

Instead, you can clip this little light onto the top of your book, and it will illuminate just the right amount of the page! 

This is a great alternative to having the bright light on in your room. Especially if your roommate wants to go to bed before you are done with your readings.


31. Mini Fan

Holmes Mini High Velocity Personal Fan

Airflow is challenging when it is too cold to open the window to help circulate the air in your dorm room. A mini fan could do just the trick. 

You can adjust the tile of this fan and can also be a cool and refreshing option in the next few months when the weather warms up. 


Items You Will Be Thankful For

32. Portable Steamer

Hilife Handheld Garment Steamer Clothing

For those who tend to forget to fold their clothing or store clothes in bins where they get wrinkled easily, a portable steamer is a must-have for you.

They are small enough to take up minimal storage space and can save you from having to throw another load of clean yet wrinkled laundry into the wash again.

They are also very simple to use and don’t need any special liquid or any other products. 

I love keeping my clothes in drawers and therefore, they end up wrinkled a lot. This portable steamer has been an amazing solution to all my wrinkled clothes and has helped keep my outfits looking fresh and professional.


33. Portable Mini Hand Vacuum 

Dusbuster Handheld Vacuum

It can be easy to quickly sweep dust to the side when cleaning your dorm room. If this is the case, a mini portable hand vacuum can easily become a dorm room necessity.

It comes with a small charging cord and creates a pleasant and easy vacuuming experience.

It can also get into small crevices so that there are no more dust balls rolling around on your floor under your bed. 

My room is not cleaned by the cleaning crew in charge of the rest of my dorm, so having this vacuum cleaner to just use when I spill crumbs everywhere is a life-saver.

03/06/2021 06:31 pm GMT

34. Power Strip

Belkin 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector

With all the electronic items you need to keep plugged in at all times in the modern day, a power strip will save you from having to charge only a few electronics at once.

This dorm must-have makes it possible to charge all your electronic devices at the same time! This power strip has 12 outlets and is a life-saver!


35. Extra-Long Phone Charging Cord

BSTOEM Long Charger Cable USB Charging Wire

Extra-long phone charging cords are becoming popular as students are spending so much time on their phones.

A long charger allows you to use your phone anywhere in your dorm room while it charges.

Some phone chargers don’t last very long because they get bent or fall apart, but this phone charger is well-made and lasts forever!


36. Microwave-Safe Dinnerware Set

NARVE Microwave Safe Dinnerware Sets

Living in a dorm can make cooking a challenging feat, especially while social distancing.

When dinner is going to be an instant mac and cheese bowl or leftovers from the night before, it may be worthwhile to get a microwavable dinnerware set to heat up those leftovers.

It could even save you the trip to the communal dorm kitchen if you have a mini-fridge to store leftovers in your room. 

My college’s dining hall is only giving out plastic and paper materials and this microwave-safe dinnerware set has helped me store food in my room.

Having a mini-fridge to keep the food in has also really helped.


37. Snacks in Bulk

NABISCO Variety Pack Snack Box

Snacks can seem like lifesavers if you need to get through a late night of studying or need a quick and easy pick-me-up.

Getting individual bags of chips from the vending machine can cost more than you think by the end of the semester.

But, if you buy your favorite snacks in bulk at the beginning of the semester, then you can end up saving a ton of cash in the long run! 


38. Portable Car Electric Kettle

Fdit Portable Car Electric Kettle

Whether you prefer tea or coffee, both these drinks are dorm room must-haves when it comes to late-night studying sessions and early morning classes.

Keeping a water kettle in your room can open the door to a plethora of opportunities for study nights.

You can not only make a piping hot cup of tea, coffee, or hot cocoa, but you also have the option to make instant noodles or instant mac and cheese! 


39. An Easy-To-Maneuver Laundry Basket or Hamper

Handy Laundry Mesh Popup Laundry Hamper

Dorm buildings usually require students to journey all the way to one laundry room in the basement of the building. Because it can be such a long journey to take your laundry, having an efficient way to carry it can be helpful.

A laundry basket or hamper can be the best way to make your laundry easy to maneuver to and from your dorm room.

I used to always have to take at least three trips to the laundry room and back to start the washing machine because I didn’t have a proper container such as this one to carry all my clothes in. Now I can do it all in one trip!


40. A Water Filter

Brita Standard UltraMax Water Filter
$95.99 - $199.99

Dorm buildings have only a few water fountains, and they can be a pain to walk to when you could just get water from the faucet.

No matter where you fill up your water bottle, using a water filter can make a huge difference in taste.

Also, if the better taste of water increases your water intake and overall hydration, then getting a water filter can be beneficial for your health. 

03/06/2021 01:35 am GMT

41. Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

Music can change your mood and motivate you to get school work done.

A Bluetooth speaker is a great way to add some fun into your busy day of online classes.

Though you may not be able to have friends over to hang out, the speaker can make it seem like your friends are with you if you project their voices from your phone or computer. 

03/06/2021 06:34 pm GMT

42. Leak Proof Lid Water Bottle and Mug

Water Bottle and Mug

Water bottles and mugs are a great way to not only keep your drinks warm or cold but also to help the environment!

You will also save money in the long run that would have been spent on plastic water bottles throughout the semester. 

This is a double-wall vacuum insulated Stainless steel portable mug that keeps your drink wherever temperature you wish. It really is everything you could ever wish for in a mug!


School Material Must Haves

43. Cartoon Animal Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes

If you are a student who forgets to do tasks or enjoys extra levels of organization, sticky notes may be for you!

They can be used to organize your notes, label different objects, and create tabs in books so you don’t lose your place.

Sticky notes come in many different colors and cute designs that you can use to match the rest of your dorm room. 


44. 20 Piece School Supplies

Trail Maker 20 Piece School Supplies

Notebooks, binders, pens and so much more can be considered essential items when it comes to doing your best studying during this college semester. Therefore, getting the ideal school supplies can be considered a dorm must-have. 

This school supplies kit is the most basic, but effective kit I have found! It has all your essential items that you could need during school and can set you up for success right at the beginning of classes!

03/06/2021 06:33 pm GMT

45. 2021 Large Desk or Wall Calendar 

2021 Desk/Wall Calendar

It is important to keep all your assignments organized and on track in order to get each done before the due date has passed.

For those students who forget about assignments easily, a desk or wall calendar can be a dorm room must-have. 

I am a visual learner and have found this desk calendar to be the perfect organizer for a busy student schedule!


46. Comfortable Loungewear

Long Sleeve Tops and Pants Set Sweatsuits

Clothing can impact your level of comfort when sitting in virtual classes all day.

Keeping a set of comfortable loungewear to change into or wear all day can increase your level of comfort by a ton!

Just throw on a sweatshirt and comfy pants, and you can completely lift your overall mood! 


47. Noise-canceling Headphones

Mpow Noise Cancelling Headphones

Dorm buildings can be great places to get to know other students at your school, but they can also make it very challenging to focus on your studies.

This is especially true when the students in the dorm room next door play music loudly or make distracting noises. The noise-canceling headphones can give you the chance to focus no matter what is going on around you. 

I tend to have a hard time concentrating when listening to catchy songs that I end up singing to instead of working on the assignment at hand.

I instead recommend listening to classical music when studying if you have a similar problem when studying.


Health And Safety Must Haves

48. Air Freshener Spray

Febreze Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator Spray

There is nothing worse than living with a smelly roommate or dealing with a bad scent lingering in your dorm room.

Air freshener spray can solve this issue without hurting your roommate’s feelings or creating a hassle for you to get the odor out of your dorm room. 

This spray can come in handy when you are planning on having a friend over for a movie night or Netflix and chill session and want your room to smell fresh and welcoming.

03/06/2021 06:34 pm GMT

49. First-Aid Kit

Be Smart Get Prepared First Aid Kit

A first-aid kit is something that you may need in scary situations. It could potentially be a lifesaver in some instances and is a good thing to have on hand.

Even if you don’t get injured very often, one of your friends could hold a record for getting hurt a lot or there could be a need for first aid that you can’t foresee.

I have found the most random times to use this kit, but it has always come in handy at some point during the semester. It comes with sanitation wipes and bandages of all shapes and sizes!


50. Washable Reusable Masks

Xchime Cover Washable Reusable Masks

Life on campus looks a bit different in 2021 compared to past years because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because of the importance of always having some sort of protective equipment on your person when out and about, these are must-haves in your dorm room as well. 

If you are concerned about the air quality in your dorm room because of the connecting air vents running through the building, consider picking up an air purifier and a CleanseBot to rid your dorm room of germs in the air and on surfaces.

Stock up on washable or disposable face masks and personal care products such as hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. 


It is hard to choose specific items that you need in your dorm room. Since your dorm room is a place where you spend a lot of time when at college, this comprehensive list will give you an idea of what you need!

Including these dorm room must haves can increase your productivity, boost your mood and create a positive place for you to hang out this semester. Good luck with your dorm room decorating, and good luck with your virtual courses! 

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College Life

College Move-In Day Hacks -The Comprehensive 2021 Guide



A stack of books, a mug, pillows, and mini plants

This post probably contains affiliate links. Our full disclosure is long, but you can find it here.

Whether you’re an incoming college freshman, a sophomore who was never able to move out of the house last year, or just a college student excited to see their friends again in person, it’s more important than ever to begin preparing for your momentous college move-in day now.

From move in day college essentials all the way down to what you should wear the day of, preparation is key to an efficient, stress-free move into your dorm or residence hall.

College Move-In Day Tips

The biggest problem with planning for your big day always lies in where to start. Should you organize packing first? What about your roommate(s)? Wait, is parking even available near your dorm?

With all the anticipation that comes with move-in day, remember to take a step back and a deep breath.

Everything will get done on time, and, if not, it’s okay! Before you know it, you’ll be moved in and enjoying the excitement of your new college space.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, here are 10 college move-in day tips, ordered chronologically! Treat it like a move-in day schedule of sorts, and feel free to print this article out so you can check everything off.

1. Plan With Your Roommate

The first major thing you’ll need to do is check in with your assigned or chosen roommate(s). Better yet, if you know who you’ll be sharing your entire suite or apartment with, it would help tremendously to get into contact with them, too.

A lot of colleges provide contact information on their housing websites, so feel free to reach out. After all, you’ll most likely be living with them for the next year (or more!).

Creating a group chat with everyone helps with setting up a consistent mode of communication.

As an undergraduate senior at the University of California, San Diego, I’ve heard enough horror stories of miscommunications with roommates. You can easily avoid all the drama by talking with them now. 

As for important questions to ask or discussions to have with your future roommate(s), I’ve provided a list of valuable topics below:

  • Who wants which bed/closet/desk? Be sure to check with your college for a layout of your room.
  • Who’s bringing what? You don’t want everyone to bring Brita filters when you can all just share. Consider and ask which items can be shared among all of you to save money and time.
  • When is everyone planning or scheduled to move in? It can be helpful to compare with your roommate(s) so that you can easily coordinate move-in times. Moving in at the same time might create a bit of chaos with your families squeezed into the same dorm room.

2. Prepare Necessary Information & Documents

Review all the personal information you need to check in on the day you move in. Many colleges post a list of documents on their website, so be sure to double-check before you leave your house.

Usually, college move-in day volunteers will ask you to show some form of ID and then require you to fill out registration paperwork.

It would be beneficial to have emergency contact information on hand as well as any confirmation or ID numbers the school might have emailed or sent to you in advance.

It’s especially important to know and stick to the specific schedule that your college might have personally laid out for you.

If your school doesn’t provide that, plan out a timed schedule for yourself according to your designated move-in day and time.

Colleges often assign a move-in time for students in order to prevent them from arriving in huge droves and overwhelming volunteers. 

A student sitting on the floor on her computer

3. Location, Location & Parking!

When you first arrive on campus, getting lost is the last thing you want to deal with.

Researching or even printing out multiple maps (in case you lose one) of the college campus can easily help you to trace out the path you and/or your family can take.

If you already know which building or general area you’ll be living in, you can also start planning for where you might park or where your family can drop you off and unload some items.

Remember to check your parking or drop-off zone with reference to your dorm. That way, you won’t be lugging your items across a huge stretch of campus.

4. Order/Ship Items You Don’t Need Right Away

While this tip can especially help out-of-state or international students, it also applies to those preparing for a road trip to campus.

Before you even leave for college, you can start organizing what items you want to take on the trip and what items you can buy and ship ahead of time. 

For bigger items like fans, lamps, extra drawers or cabinet space, you can choose to ship them or even order them for in-store pickup.

If you choose to do the latter, be sure to check how far away the store is from campus and whether or not you can take a car or bus to pick it up.

Also, look online or call your school before you ship to ask if the campus mailroom will be open during the delivery dates.

You don’t want to have the issue of returned or undeliverable packages along with the stress of moving in everything else.

5. Pack Smart

It’s a well-known fact that, if you don’t plan to pack smart, your desire for a quick, efficient unpacking will definitely go to waste during your college move-in process.

That said, I’ve written a list of packing hacks and recommendations you should consider before you start:

  • Prioritize what you know you’ll actually need and use. If you’re attending a school in the north but are originally from the south, you should make sure to pack and/or buy thick winter coats and boots. If the opposite is true for you, perhaps leaving behind those thick coats will leave space for swimwear and flip-flops.
  • Rid yourself of any extra packaging that might take up unnecessary space. Maybe you can fit multiple items in the box for your lamp, or perhaps the Brita filter can sit on its own in the backseat.
  • Keep hanging clothes on hangers. This hack was something I had never heard of until now, and it’s genius! Rather than packing away all your clothes and then having to hang them all up again, keep your hanging clothes on their hangers and hook them to a pole or stick. That way, when you move in, all you need to do is hang them in your closet space.
  • Pack like items together. This way, when you arrive and start to unpack, you won’t be scrambling from one container to the next searching for your toiletries or kitchenware.
  • Organize your vehicle. This goes along with the tip above as you’ll want to plan for what you might need to unpack or use right away instead of the items that aren’t as urgent. Things like tools, cleaning supplies, bedding and essential clothing should go in the back of your vehicle since they’ll be the first items you can access.
  • Protect your stuff! Tape the lids on storage bins and drawers so that they don’t accidentally open and spill onto the street when you pull them from your vehicle. Protect other fragile items with bubble wrap or secure them in a tight space.

Another genius idea that I’ve decided to leave as the very best and very last packing smart hack is to pack an essentials bag.

Whether it be in your backpack or a duffel bag, pack a few nights’ worth of clothes, toiletries, and other items in your essentials bag.

That way, after moving in, you have direct access to items like your toothbrush, phone charger or a change of clothes so you don’t have to rummage through your boxes for them.

6. Bring Snacks

Even if you plan to arrive on a full stomach, the process of moving into your college might still cause you to grow hungry or thirsty from all the physical work.

Rather than losing your parking spot just for a quick lunch, bringing snacks and/or water will surely help you in regaining some of your energy.

If you want, you can bring a little extra to share with your roommate(s) later down the line, too!

7. Ask Questions

So, you’ve prepared all you can, and you’re finally on your way to your college campus.

The next thing you can start preparing is a list of questions you’ll want to ask the move-in volunteer staff about anything concerning your registration or move-in process that you couldn’t figure out otherwise.

I’ve also come up with a list of potential questions if you’re still having trouble:

  • When/where do I get my key?
  • How do I access my dorm? Depending on the college, some dorms might have an extra code to type in or a specific security lock system.
  • Are there any move-in resources available to me? Some colleges provide move-in carts or even have volunteers assigned to help you with your items.
  • Where is the nearest bathroom?
  • Do you have a map?

And, as always, you should ask for directions to your dorm, even if you know it already! Not only can your map be a little outdated, but the volunteers might know of some shortcuts you can take to avoid the crowds.

8. Get the Lay of the Land

Once you finally arrive on campus and check in with the volunteers, it’s important to get the lay of the land before you start unpacking your vehicle.

Do a quick run from your parking lot or drop-off spot to your dorm. Keep your eyes peeled for bathrooms, trash dumpsters and any potential shortcuts you and/or your family might be able to take.

It’s better to be at least a little more familiar with your space instead of getting lost or trudging through unknown paths.

9. Unpack Strategically

Before you even open one box, you should strategize your unpacking process by placing containers and items in “zones” of your room(s).

For example, you should leave your toiletry boxes in the bathroom, kitchenware in the kitchen space and bedroom essentials in your dorm room.

This way, you won’t be rushing from one place to the other to put things away. Plus, you can then decide where you’d like to start and spend time unpacking there.

Another tip is to start with unpacking larger items like lamps and/or drawers first. Once you’re able to set them up, you can begin adding all the little things.

Many people have also suggested making your bed first. This way, you can lay out other items on your bed to free up space in your room.

A overflowing red suitcase on a bed

10. Give Yourself Grace

Last but not least, remember to give yourself grace in the process. It’s okay if things don’t go exactly to plan.

Moving into your college dorm can be stressful, but it’s the first step in beginning your exciting college experience. 

College Move-In Day Essentials

Are you stuck with figuring out what else you should buy or bring to ensure your college move-in day goes as smoothly as possible?

You’re in luck! I’ve curated a list of move-in day essentials that are sure to help. (All items are from Amazon.)

  1. Cart or Dolly

It’s definitely true that moving your boxes with wheels makes the work much less tiresome. In terms of choosing between a cart or dolly, consider using a cart if a lot of your items don’t have lids or might easily fall when stacked. You can use a dolly for large boxes or stackable materials.

If you’re looking to use a dolly, I’d recommend bringing bungee cords to secure items and prevent them from falling off.

Though most colleges offer students move-in carts to help transport materials, it’s honestly so much easier just to bring your own. That way, you can avoid waiting or having to return carts at the end of the day.

  1. First Aid Kit

Whether it’s accidentally tripping over your luggage or cutting your finger on your registration paper, a first aid kit can come to the rescue with its extra bandages or antiseptics.

  1. Fan

Check the weather the day of because move-in days are often at the end of the summer! Bringing a fan along can keep things cool and less sweaty as you move around to unpack.

  1. Door Stoppers

I don’t think you even want to imagine getting accidentally locked out of your dorm while moving in! Grabbing these door stoppers and sliding them underneath your dorm room doors will save you time and energy (especially if your doors are as heavy as mine were when I first moved in!).

  1. Cleaning Supplies

While colleges usually hire a cleaning crew to clean the dorm before you move in, bring your own cleaning supplies just in case the dust has been settling a little too long for your taste.

Items like paper towels, Clorox wipes, bathroom cleaners, and Swiffer dusters can clear and freshen up the space before you officially begin unpacking. Plus, it’ll save the hassle in case you accidentally break or spill something while moving in.

  1. Trash Bags

All the cleaning and unpacking is sure to leave you with a ton of trash. So, you don’t want to be going back and forth to the dumpster or using your dorm room’s small trash can. Save time by bringing your own large trash bags so that you can throw everything out in one go.

  1. Toolkit

Whether it’s tightening some loose screws or prying open a stuck drawer, taking a toolkit along with you helps a ton! If you can’t afford buying an entire toolkit, you can also bring along scissors or a rubber mallet (for readjusting your bed).

  1. Stackable storage bins

Since dorm rooms tend to be such a tight place, you can save space by packing notebooks or other items in stackable storage bins that can be easily placed on top of closets or underneath beds. Plus, these bins can be reused for other storage later down the line or can make moving out easier, too!

  1. Labels & Markers

If you haven’t done so already, bringing labels and markers with you to your move-in can help you label and organize unpacked items more easily.

  1.  Surge Protectors

Let’s say you’ve been on your phone the entire ride to campus, and it’s on 10% battery when you arrive. Many college dorms’ outlets often require a surge protector to prevent them from accidentally burning out your devices’ batteries.

Save the trouble of searching for one on-campus or waiting for one to arrive by having it on hand. You can also use it to power extra lighting if you need it.

  1. Command Strips or Hooks

While also a must for those who like to decorate, setting up a Command hook can also help save space for purses, bags or other outerwear you want to easily access! 

What to Wear on Move-In Day

The number one thing to know about what to wear is to dress comfortably! But I don’t mean comfortable in terms of flip-flops. Dress in clothes that allow you to move around easily.

You’ll be carrying lots of items and might even have to climb a few stairs or so to your dorm, depending on your college. That said, tennis shoes or sneakers are your best bet for shoes.

In terms of clothing, it all depends on the weather. For example, you don’t want to wear a tank top and shorts if the forecast calls for rain.

Check the weather a few days beforehand so that you’ll know if you can work with just a shirt and sweatpants or if you might need an umbrella and extra raincoat.

It’s also advised to bring a change of clothing. This is so that you can change from your sticky, sweaty clothes into something more comfortable that you can go out with (or snuggle up in your new bed with).

Some colleges also might require you to take your ID pictures on move-in day, so having a change of clothes can help you look a little more freshened up.

A girl wearing a red dress

How Long Does it Take to Move Into a Dorm?

I know you’ve been wondering this age-old college move-in day question all throughout reading this article.

So how long will it actually take to move in?

Well, it all depends on how much you ultimately bring and how efficiently (or inefficiently) you’ve packed and prepared!

For those who plan well beforehand—maybe by using all the listed recommendations I’ve provided above—it shouldn’t take longer than about two to three hours to move in depending on how big your college is. 

To avoid longer wait times that might extend your move-in, opt for arriving 15 to 30 minutes before your designated time. That way, you can account for traffic and any other bumps that come with the trip.

If your school allows it, you should aim to arrive at lunchtime, since there’s usually a lull in the middle of the day (because most students choose to arrive as early in the morning as possible).

And that’s it! I hope all of these college move-in day tips and tricks help to make your process as easy and stress-free as possible. Good luck!

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College Life

The 2021 College Bucket List: 55 Things To Do Before Graduation



4 college students are smilling

Are you experiencing FOMO (fear of missing out) on things you haven’t done during your college years?

You are not alone. College is a very busy period of our lives that sometimes it’s hard to keep up with everything that is going on around us.

Fortunately, I have compiled a college bucket list of the best 50 activities that will help you complete the full college experience.

I hope you have fun and create memories that will last forever.

1. Decorate your dorm 

The feng shui of your dorm is a huge aspect of your college experience, especially since the pandemic has caused us to spend more time in our rooms. While a few posters are nice, adding a few cozy adornments will make your room feel more like a home, and will seriously improve your day-to-day experience at school.

2. Join a club

You may be unmotivated to join clubs, especially if you are an upperclassmen. But talking to your peers about shared interests is a great opportunity to make new friends and pursue your passions outside of the classroom.

3. Take a “fun” class

We often feel that we can only take classes that will support our major, but most people have academic interests that don’t fall into this category. Every student deserves to take a college-level class on a subject they are personally interested in. This will also help broaden your education and worldly knowledge, outside of your specialization.

4. Volunteer

We spend a lot of time in college thinking about ourselves, but giving back is an important way to help others. This also fuels individual growth and strengthens community ties. Most schools offer volunteer opportunities on campus, but there are also great websites that help connect you to local opportunities.

5. Walk through your entire campus 

We spend a lot of our time walking from classes, to dining halls, to dorms, but we tend to disregard the places on campus that we don’t necessarily need to go. Try walking from one end of campus to the other, and you may find amazing buildings that you would otherwise never notice: coffee shops, dining halls, a building with a perfect study nook.

6. Shoot your shot!

We’re not all gonna find our true love in college, but you’ll never know if you don’t try. Make it a mission to tell your crush how you feel about them, before you leave for grad school and never see them again.

7. Reflect with your friends on your college experience

College really does go by fast, and if you don’t stop to look around, you might just miss it. So take a day to just sit down in the quad and reflect with your friends about your time together.

8. Read a book or two completely for your own enjoyment

As we get older, the opportunity for reading comes far less often, so spend some free time reading a book you genuinely are interested in, before you graduate.

9. Crash a party and make a new friend

It’s easy to stay with the same group of people throughout your time in college, but this wouldn’t be a college bucket list without some semi-risky activities. Walk into a party that you may not have been invited to, and you might just leave with a new friendship, at least for the night.

10. Sneak into somewhere restricted on campus 

There are many restricted areas on campus that are supposedly off-limits to students, but taking one little visit isn’t going to hurt anyone. Plus, you’ll have a great story to tell your kids one day, to show them how cool you were during your college years.

11. Throw a themed party

Either throw or attend a themed party, where you have to dress up in goofy costumes. These parties really do only happen in college, and they’re worth experiencing before you move on to the benign office Christmas party of your mid-20s.

12. Skip class

You probably have done this one already, but it goes without saying that the feeling of sleeping in during your 9AM class is truly incredible. So, if you haven’t already, make sure you miss a class before you graduate, and experience the joy that is two extra hours of sleep.

13. Dance like no one’s watching

It is easy to feel self-conscious about dancing at parties, but at the end of the day, you probably won’t see most of these people ever again, so just do it. Go crazy and dance like you are jamming out by yourself in the kitchen, because why not?

14. Spend all of the campus money on your account

College is really, really expensive, so make sure that you use every single dollar to your advantage. If you have campus cash or a meal plan, make sure to squeeze it ‘til the last drop, because that’s what colleges do to your pockets.

15. Work on living more sustainably

It is hard to think about being environmentally friendly with all the other stresses of college, but there are easy ways to lower your carbon footprint, without building a wind turbine on top of your dorm. Try reusable tumblers, bamboo toothbrushes, or shampoo and conditioner bars.

16. Senior road trip with friends

Go on a road trip, because road trips are awesome, and it’s a great way to bond with your friends from school, while you still have the chance to all be in the same place.

17. Go to a sporting events (even if it’s ironically)

College sports are not everyone’s cup of tea, but attending a game can actually be a lot of fun, even if you’re secretly laughing at everyone else’s team spirit for your D3 football team.

18. Participate in one of your schools’ traditions 

Every college has some weird tradition, whether it’s embarrassing, hilarious, or both. While this is one of the more obscure tasks on the list, you definitely can’t complete a college bucket list without participating.

19. Get a great grade in a hard class that you’re proud of

College is a lot of work. Compared to high school, it’s more difficult to get a great grade in a class. Challenge yourself to take a difficult class, and push yourself to your limit to succeed. If you can succeed in that environment, it will give you the confidence to challenge yourself in the future. 

20. Try not to stress out during your final weeks at school

Finals are really scary, and can often be a large part of your final grade, but stressing about them accomplishes nothing. Try your best, and remember that this is not a life or death situation… unless you have a really crazy professor. 

21. Study Abroad

Learning in a different country, and possibly even in a different language, is truly an eye opening experience that every student deserves to have before they graduate. 

22. Take a silly photo in front of a mascot/statue

This one is just great for memories, and even if it feels cheesy, you will thank yourself for doing this down the line.

23. Pull an all-nighter

One of the less fun activities on the college bucket list, pulling an all nighter is an exhausting activity that may save you from failing a test or essay. It is a harrowing experience, but you cannot say you have truly lived in college until you have seen the sun rise while finishing an assignment due hours later.

24. Show up to class looking like a mess

We spend a lot of time in college trying to look presentable, while also studying five hours a day and running on even less sleep. So just relax for a day, and walk out the house in your pajamas, exactly how you woke up. Don’t worry, everyone has been there.

25. Explore the town that your college is in

Many college towns feel sleepy and uninteresting, but if you have the time, exploring your town can help you discover some great restaurants and shops for when you leave campus.

26. Get a disposable camera and capture memories

Smartphone photography can only go so far, and the memories captured on film are often some of the best. Head to your local CVS, get a disposable camera, and shoot a roll of film at least once.

27. Bond with a professor

While we may not love every professor we have, there are many that are extremely friendly and intelligent. It is worth the time to get to know them outside the classroom, over lunch or a cup of coffee.

28. Stay up late and nap during the day (for the last time)

The ability to sleep in and nap during the day is something that young people tend to take for granted. After college, this is almost impossible, so take every opportunity to wake up at noon while you still can.

29. Day drink (also for the last time)

Another activity that doesn’t happen after college is getting drunk in the middle of the day. This isn’t everyone’s favorite, but it is 100% worth a try, and is a staple for the college bucket list.

30. Go out with friends and eat great food, while intoxicated

After you have gotten drunk, or perhaps on a different drunken occasion, go out and eat some great food. Drunk meals with friends are some of the happiest moments of our youth. 

31. Express your gratitude

We often think our friends from school will last forever, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. Make sure to let everyone know that you appreciate them before you graduate.

32. Travel to a different climate (if possible)

Depending on where you go to school, the weather can be quite dreary. Try to travel somewhere nice and sunny, at least once, while on winter break. 

33. Make sure to take advantage of your college library

Libraries are not everyone’s favorite place to hang out, but the resources they provide are extremely helpful. You won’t have access to this amount of literature ever again after college, so just keep that in mind for your next visit.

34. Make sure you know how to write a dope resume and cover letter

Looking for jobs can be a grueling process for recently graduated students, so set yourself up for success by learning how to write a great resume and cover letter.

35. Cook an awesome meal for your friends

While your college diet may consist mainly of ramen and cereal, there is something special about cooking for the people that you care about. Make a dish for your friends and eat it with them, and they might even do the same for you.

36. Find internship opportunities for the summer after senior year!

Internships and jobs can be a stressful thing to think about on top of the workload of college, but it is essential to have something lined up for the summer after your senior year. It doesn’t have to be your dream job, but make sure to work, so you can keep the moment you have built up in college.

37. Make a mark on campus 

Writing your name on a tree feels played out, but try to  find a mark you can make on campus. You can come back in five, ten, or twenty years later, and look for it. Trying to find it will be a fun challenge, and it will also bring back all the memories surrounding your college days.

38. Push yourself to try a new activity that takes you out of your comfort zone

We only get a brief opportunity to try new things, and you will regret it if your shyness overcomes your new experiences. Even if it is something simple like learning a challenging game with your friends, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is a big part of what college bucket lists are all about.

39. Use every student discount available while you still can

Many museums, restaurants, and forms of public transportation have student discounts that save you a significant chunk of change. Take advantage of these while you can, because you end up saving a ton of money. Your older self will thank you.

40. Find a tall building and enjoy a good view of campus from above

College campuses can often be really pretty from above. Find a way to look down at all the buildings (and students) to have a great experience. 

41. Go to an All You Can Eat Buffet With Friends

Spending the day eating without worrying about running up the tab is a quite a unique experience especially for your average college student. Whether it’s Chicken Wings, Sushi, or Tiki Missala, you will end the day extremely stuffed but also extremely satisfied. 

42. Rush a Fraternity or Sorority on campus

By no means am I saying join one of these organizations, unless you really want to, but the rushing process is a fun way to meet people, and go to a bunch of parties. Also, you’ll never know if Greek life is right for you unless you try.

43. Try a Campus Specific Dating App

Many schools have a yearly dating ritual in which all students send information about themselves and receive a “perfect match” on campus. This may seem like a silly way to find “the one”, but it is definitely a fun way to meet new people, and like many other College Bucket List activities, you’ll only know unless you try. 

44. Learn a new language

College is one of the last times you have the time and resources to learn a language, outside of the one(s) you have grown up speaking. If you have already taken a language throughout high school there’s no reason to stop now, and if you focus hard enough, you might graduate with a degree as well as a new language under your belt.

45. Go to a concert with friends

This hallmark experience of college life has been put on pause due to the pandemic, but once it is safe to go see your favorite artist, take the opportunity to jump up and down for 3 hours while you’re still young enough that you won’t feel it for the next week. 

46. Live in a house with friends or anywhere off campus

While dorm living is convenient, it is also cramped and noisy. University housing is a great opportunity to live with your friends, and get some privacy from the rest of campus.

47. Talk to your campus employees

The staff who clean the dorms, serve your food, and help maintain the campus are a huge part of our college experience, so treat them with respect and kindness. If you see the same person everyday, say hi or start a conversation, just like you would with another student or professor. 

48. Wear an outfit that you would never wear as an adult

Your future job might have a strict dress code, where your personal sense of style is taboo. That’s why college is a great place to take fashion risks, and try on outfits that wouldn’t be appropriate in a cubicle.

49. Play an intramural sports

Sports may not be your thing, but intramural teams are a friendly and low stress environment where everyone is welcome. They’re an easy way to get exercise, and it’s more fun than the gym.

50. Make a cool graduation cap

You don’t want to just be another head in the crowd at graduation. Customize your cap so that your friends and family know it’s you that’s graduating. 

51. Find a body of water near your campus and jump in!

Most schools are close to some sort of pond, lake, or beach, so on a warm day, go find some water and jump in. It’s a refreshing break from college life, and way better than the campus pool.

52. Find the best restaurant (on a budget) in your college town

Even if you feel like the college town is practically a food desert, make sure to find one spot that you can always go to, when you are in need of a delicious meal. 

53. Buy a pet fish

Having a little fish is an easy pet to keep you company in your dorm, without the maintenance of having a dog or cat on campus.

54. Go bar hopping with your parents

Parents’ weekend is the perfect time to show your family what you’ve been up to at school, and there’s no better place to do this than the local bar. You might even see a side of mom and dad that hasn’t come out since they were your age.

55. Graduate!

All of these ups and downs won’t be worth it without that degree, so make sure you graduate, and cross that stage!

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55 things to add to your college bucket list
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