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Body Image – Voices

“The concept of being flawed is totally created by society.”
My favorite part of my body is…I would say my thighs. I love my thighs. I embrace my thighs.

I think body image is something that I’ve always struggled with growing up because when I was younger, I definitely started developing breasts before my friends and was self-conscious about it.

Body image has definitely affected my confidence, especially with not being one of the tiny ones out of all of my friends.

In my teenage years, I really struggled with body image because you’re going through all of your hormonal changes. I was a ‘raging, crazy teenager,’ so I really struggled.

How I’ve been able to overcome body image issues is through maturity and realizing in college that you are who you are. When you find yourself, you don’t need to compare yourself to other people.

Finding confidence in who I am and surrounding myself with really good friends who uplift me, has helped. Also, my therapist told me to do this, which I think is awesome, you look at yourself in the mirror and you tell yourself that you love yourself.

It’s true, if you can say that to yourself. You have to love yourself before you can let other people love you or before you can love other people.

Media plays a huge role, obviously, because you grow up watching people that you’re supposed to admire and you’re supposed to look alike and they are completely unrealistic and unattainable images.

Especially with Barbie dolls that you play with growing up, to Disney princesses that are completely disproportionate in their sizes and waists.

We’re taught from basically when we are born that we’re supposed to look like something that is so unrealistic, and it’s so messed up. But I think we are changing. Hopefully.

It seems like we are becoming less about fitting into one box and are finally breaking out of that. You don’t have to fit one image anymore. I think it’s getting better.

I would tell people that are struggling with body image this: Look in the mirror and tell yourself you love yourself because it’s very powerful.

I also think that the concept of being flawed is totally created by society and I don’t believe that our bodies have flaws at all. Our bodies are just bodies.

I think that when you take away the emotion and those negative connotations that society has created about stretch marks or having bigger thighs or breasts, having bigger body parts is not bad at all.

It is what it is.

Learning a way to take away the power behind negative words is really impactful.



Source: Freedom House

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