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Body Image – Voices

“Speak positively, look at yourself in the mirror more often, and just love the skin you’re in.”
Hempstead, NY
In the position that I am in right now, some of the things that we’ve learned to help students with, in regards to mental health, is body image issues.

Believe it or not, this is a topic people suffer from. Not just college students, but people of all ages.

I really didn’t face that problem personally until recently, as I was going into a new job where I have to dress professionally all the time.

While I was trying to figure out what my professional style would be, I looked at these models and they looked nothing like me. One of the things I realized is that the models online have a muscular, slim body and that body type does not match my body type.

It hasn’t made me feel super insecure about myself but it kind of made me take a step back. I asked myself, ‘How come there aren’t any models or any pictures of people wearing these kinds of clothes that are my body build?’

It is a struggle trying to figure out what clothes fit my body type and it’s unfair. I have issues with my stomach and waist area.

It’s just frustrating because it makes me feel that I’m inadequate since I don’t have that perfect image. On occasion, I would have low self-esteem. It just makes me feel pressured to go to the gym and makes me starve myself just to lose weight.

Thankfully, I have an amazing support system from my family and friends who reassure me that I’m fine just the way I am.

All the issues I’ve dealt with regarding this issue have always been internal for me.

Social media, like Instagram and Twitter, definitely has a huge role when it comes to this type of issue. Not just for me, but for everyone else around me.

People are always posting pictures online showing their bodies and stuff. I’m all for body positivity, but what they don’t realize is that the more they post pictures of themselves, the more insecure a person gets when looking at these pictures.

My advice is to just learn to be happy with the body you have now. Speak positively, look at yourself in the mirror more often, and just love the skin you’re in.



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