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Body Image – Voices

“Weight is just a number and you shouldn’t let that define you.”
Oceanside, NY
I guess I’d say I’m the most insecure of my stomach. I feel like it has a lot of hair on it and that’s not considered conventionally attractive, so I definitely feel self-conscious of it sometimes.

When I was younger, I used to be heavier at some point and I remember that my mom would always make comments about it, which made me really upset and start to feel bad about the way I looked.

But right now, I actually feel pretty good about my body so I’m a lot more confident in the way I interact with people and the clothes that I wear and stuff like that.

I also recently cut my hair, so I really like that about myself right now, too. I think the media really has a big impact on people’s body image and self-esteem.

I feel like the rates of eating disorders and other negative consequences have gone up drastically since television and magazines have become such a big part of people’s lives. There’s always just this pressure to be perfect and to have an ideal hourglass figure coming from the media, but not everybody can actually attain that.

Not letting other people get to me and wearing what I like and not caring about what anyone else has to say definitely helped me achieve a more positive body image. I would tell others that are struggling with their body image that they look great.

Weight is just a number and you shouldn’t let that define you. I recommend wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident in yourself and stop worrying about the way other people are perceiving or judging you.

Forget about the haters. Just be yourself!



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