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BLENDtw Community Guidelines

Welcome to the BLENDtw Community Network, founded and led by storyteller, executive, and entrepreneur Cielo! 

BLENDtw is a platform connecting people all over the world through their human anxieties.



We are on a mission of sharing stories to connect lives. 

We aim to execute a movement through online and offline discussions that bring multiple perspectives together to share experiences, build hope, discover resources and tell stories that change people’s abilities to see themselves as valued and empowered.

Our contributor community network is an essential part of BLENDtw ‘s mission. Before posting, please make sure to review our editorial guidelines (below) and our article on how to post. 

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More than a company, BLENDtw is a movement. We are proud of our community network. We’ve had more than 1000+ contributors from 40+ schools across America. They are the backbone and essence of our publication.


  1. All submissions must be original content that hasn’t been previously published.
  2. Please fact check your story and provide sources for all your info. You must include hyperlinks to original stories.
  3. You may include original photography, but it isn’t required.
  4. Images must be high-resolution and be at least 1456 pixels wide.
  5. The submission of a post does not guarantee it will be published on BLENDtw. Our team will reach out if we’d like to run your story!


BLENDtw stands for “BLEND the world.”  

At BLENDtw, our focus is to shed light on people and communities that are making a difference around the world! We focus on positive stories! Stories that inspire us, give us hope and make us want to be a better human being.

We try to stay away from biased reporting, and controversial topics that only create division and animosity. Our hope through our networks is to unite the voices of our people around the world.  

As such, We ONLY accept the following submissions:

– Stories about people making a difference in their communities/college/work

– Op-Ed about personal struggles & mental well-being

– Life or career lessons and advice 

– News about influential people taking a stand on important issues


What is the word count per post?

We’re flexible on word count, but between 800-1200 words is a good place to start. 

Do I send in a story idea of a full draft?

We ask that members submit a full draft for our editors to review in the submission section on the dashboard. 

When will I hear back? 

Our editors are constantly reviewing submissions. You should receive a notification within 15-30 days of completing submissions, whether your story has been accepted or not.

Do I have to submit photos?

Yes! You need to submit one pic. The featured image is the main image that will appear at the top of your story. You must have permission from the photo copyright holder to use a photo or visual that you didn’t take yourself or find via a rights-cleared source.  Pic must be at least 1456 pixels wide.

How often can I write? 

As often as you like.