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The Power Of A Woman

“Let’s stop defining ourselves by our gender. Let’s define ourselves by what we wake up and do every day.”
Boston, MA
When I think about being a woman, I think about how that is different from being a man. And one thing that stands out is a woman’s sensuality. There’s just something about a woman’s body and the energy that exudes from her. Men just don’t have this. Not like a woman. There’s a mystery and an intrigue in women of all shapes and sizes, all nationalities and of all ages. There’s a specialness and strength in the sensuousness.

I respect and admire this sensuality in women, and many times, I behold it in wonder. This is not to say women are sex symbols or objects. I guess they can be such, and often they are, or maybe often society makes them such. But I find power and strength in a woman’s sensuality—sex appeal—that I think gives women, or should give women, a unique sense of self and an inner calm and confidence of spirit.

I fancy myself a feminist, though that word has become, to me, a little passé. And I feel in some ways I should speak about women being equal to men and that I should be on trend singing out from the mountain tops that it’s a woman’s time to stand up for her rights and that a woman’s day has come. But frankly, this conversation kinda bores me. It sounds like a broken record to me. It sounds like talk and the same talk that’s been going on for years. I prefer action. And not just pussy hats on the square and women banding together. I’m sure this feels powerful and I’m sure it’s unifying. I have a lot of female friends and when I get together with them, let me tell you…it’s powerful and energizing. I LOVE THEM! (And they are all very sensual and powerful in presence by the way.)

But I am not empowered by this ‘I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar’ stuff. I’m not naive to the issues we face in society when it comes to gender equality. But I also just sometimes feel like, let’s not whine about it. I’m kinda sick of talking in terms of gender. I was actually a little miffed by the idea of talking here, about what I like about being a woman. Feels, you know, like a chick thing to do. I’m not sure I’d see men writing about ‘Why I Love Being a Man.’

And maybe that’s the problem. Let’s stop defining ourselves by our gender. Let’s define ourselves by our abilities, our strength of character, our choices and our actions. Let’s define ourselves by what we wake up and do every day. I don’t wake up and think about being a woman. I wake up and think: what am I going to accomplish today?

I like being a woman because I possess an inner strength and attitude, an inner beauty and natural sensuality that gives me the confidence to tackle each day with the kind of passion, excellence and dare I say, superiority, that ‘that other gender,’ in my opinion, just can’t light a candle to.

I just like being a woman.




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