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60+ Inspiring Stories of College Students with Mental Illness

Personal Life Experiences of Overcoming Mental Illness Shared Through Storytelling

Mental health issues are a major crisis facing today’s universities. Most of the time these crises are ignored. Students feel as though they are not able to talk about their experiences publicly. We would like to take a step to give these stories a voice. Here are 60+ stories from current college students, about their experiences of overcoming mental illness.

An understanding young woman in dark purple long sleeved corduroy dress stands in front of a white door and wall smiles with her hand on her hip.

How Seeking Help Saved Me From Ending My Life

By blendtw | December 12, 2017

Around April 2012, I was diagnosed with depression. I was in 8th grade when I started experiencing my mental illness. I started losing interest in everything. At that moment, everybody didn’t understand what I was going through. I shut down people and isolated myself to the point that I lost all my friends. My parents […]

A brunnette young lady wearing a black and white striped tank top stands at the beach.

How to Open Up About Mental Health

By blendtw | December 12, 2017

Personally, I do have my own issues. I’ve had eating disorders and anxiety in the past and I have depression now. For most people, until someone else opens up about their struggles with mental health, they really don’t open up about it. You know it’s kind of hush hush. I feel that the campaign to […]

A black lady with black braided hair is wearing a red half shirt while standing in front of a dark building.

How Interaction is Important to Overcome Mental Health Issues

By blendtw | December 13, 2017

When I think of people with mental illness, I think of soldiers because they battle internal and external adversities. Internal issues because of what is going on with them and external because of the way that society views them. My mental illness started peeking when I was very young and now I’m about to be […]

A girl who remembers she's not alone wears a white tank, grey shorts, and a blue bag leans against a white brick wall and talks about feeling low.

How Remembering You Are Not Alone Can Help You Stop Feeling Low

By blendtw | December 13, 2017

Mental health is a difficult subject to discuss for a lot of people, myself included. I believe we are afraid of what will happen if we tell people what is going on inside our minds. I think we would be surprised to find out that we are not as alone as we feel. When I […]

Woman in gold top with black and rose floral cardigan stands in front of a secured door outside of a brick building talking about a mental condition.

How Your Mental Condition Affects Your Life

By blendtw | December 14, 2017

I believe that mental illness is a condition that just affects someone’s mood and behavior. It may also affect how people react to things, and I think it can be a range of things. I do know someone with a mental illness. He has ADHD, and it affects him most times because it’s like sometimes […]

A young brunette lady wearing a tank top stands outside at the park.

How Important is To Take Your Mental Health Seriously

By blendtw | December 14, 2017

People don’t always realize that their mental health is something they need to take seriously. Always thinking negatively about the world and yourself really restricts you from many opportunities. Correcting this mindset is important for overall life improvement. Once you start to take your mental health seriously, so many good things start coming your way.

A young dark haired lady wearing a black shirt over a blue tank top stands in front of the camera.

How Mental Health Affects Everyone Differently

By blendtw | December 17, 2017

Everybody should be more educated about mental health. It’s an issue that’s stigmatized in the mainstream media even though over 18% of the U.S. population struggle with some sort of mental illness. As someone who struggles with panic attacks, I often feel that my emotions are seen as ‘overreactions’ or ‘attention seeking.’ However, with any […]

Drawing of a pink brain with narrow black squiggly legs sweating as it lifts a bar black outlined barbell with black squiggly arms.

How Our Ability to Communicate Can Help us Overcome Mental Health Issues

By blendtw | December 17, 2017

I’m currently a licensed professional counselor. I love working in the field. I feel that one of the greatest gifts we have as humans is the ability to communicate with each other, support each other, and be altruistic. For me personally, there is no greater feeling than knowing that I have done well for somebody. […]

Young girl suffering from panic attacks stands on grey stairs in front of a tall grey building wears a black graduation gown happily tosses her graduation cap in the air

How I Learned To Control My Panic Attacks

By blendtw | December 19, 2017

My first panic attack was in the 7th grade when I had to write a math exam. I didn’t know what it was at first. I was always stressed due to school because I always wanted my grades to be perfect. A’s, and B’s just weren’t good enough for me. I didn’t really pay attention […]

A person carrying a small shell at the beach while doing one of many helpful de-stress activities.

How Doing De-Stress Activities Helps Alleviate My Anxiety

By blendtw | December 19, 2017

My greatest goal in life is to be successful in whatever I end up doing after college, so that trumps the fluctuations in my moods on a daily basis. However, it can be difficult to stay positive from day-to-day since I do have fairly bad anxiety. But I always try to breathe, relax, and tell […]