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Top 10 Part Time Jobs Working From Home

working from home

The advanced development of the gig economy calls for a huge demand for mobile workforce. This is reflected in a growing number of employees working from home.  There is a 115% increase in the number of regular telecommuting employees since 2005.

It is obvious that working from home could provide a more flexible schedule. More importantly, a recent survey shows the result that two-thirds of managers who offer telecommuting job opportunities asserted that employees working from home seems to be more productive.

More than that, 52% of telecommuting employees are female. If you are a Mom looking for a side job that can not only take care of your child but can earn a cost of living at the same time, or you purely are looking for a way get into the gig hustle trend, these top 10 part time job recommendations are the right entrance for you.

1. Online Tutor

Online tutoring has experienced a huge rise due to advances in global communication and internet technology, which resulted in a large demand for online tutors. It is usually a smart choice for a college student to earn their tuition fee and alleviate their debt burden. Through online connection, professional tutors on all types of subjects could be accessed.

2. Freelance Writer

A Study in 2017 unveiled a miraculous finding: It is freelancing occupation that was predicted to be the major component of U.S workforce, with nearly half percent of millennial workers already freelancing. Those who freelance believe to be more secure with a diversified portfolio of clients instead of only one, according to Freelancing in American: 2017.  One of the most popular freelance jobs is a writer.

3. Economic Analysis (Statistic Programming)

Candidate for this role is expected to be able to conduct a data analysis based on required economic assumptions, by using scripting language software such as R, Python or Stata, etc. What is worth noting is that machine learning related jobs are currently in desperate demand.

However, it is the ability to learn on your own online instead of getting into the classroom physically. Anyone can reach out to the resources and get the certificate, as long as they are interested.

4. Computer Engineering And Science Related Occupations

Side jobs, work from home opportunities in computer, engineering, and science has been increasing by 69% in 10 years from 2000 to 2010, according to census data report.  People who are in these majors could freelance for various clients, get their own project and work at home.

5. Translation Or Transcription

This category is for those who are mastering several languages. Translation is very necessary for those states with a huge population of immigrants.

Since the United States embodies diverse cultures from different countries and regions, entertainment product such as film, books or artworks needs to be translated or subtitled into different languages. Therefore, it is an absolute wise consideration for people who have relative superiority to take this job.

6. Education Training Specialist

America is broadly known as the very top choice for international students attributing to its higher educational quality and strong teaching strength. In this case, counselors for studying abroad or ESL training specialists are in hot demand.

Candidates will be expected to help students gather school information, training English, guide them, and manage necessary documents.

7. Resume Coach

People who have working experience in the human resources department or manager must have a good sense of resume coaching. They could take resume coach as the side job, helping their clients rewrite or edit the resume. The wage could up to be 100 dollars per resume.

8. Travel Agent

The job prospects of being a travel agent that offers expertise may be best to utilize the internet to earn clients from a certain region of the world, helping them plan their travel adventures, according to BLS. It indicated a national average wage of $39,900 for travel agents in 2016.

9. Graphic Designer

If you have a photoshop or other graphic design software skill, you could make a good earning by providing that service to business clients. The national average annual pay of graphic designer working from home is around $62,283 each year, according to recent data.

10. Social Media Coordinator

Social Media has been sharply developed in recent years, leading to an intense demand for companies to build up their social media presence by posting their product, service or brand to target audience. Thus, the workforce calls for a growing number of social media marketing coordinator who have a knack for promoting products or brand online without commuting to a physical workplace. In addition, the range of wage varies from $200 to $10,000 per month, depending on the type of project required.

By: Grace C. Sui



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