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Let’s Talk: Finding And Using Resources In The Modern World

 Let’s discuss how to find and use resources in the modern world. Tune in on #TheRealTalk

Mental Health – Voices

Mental Health – Voices

“It’s been very impactful in all areas of my life. Before I did anything, I just had some stupid thing…

Body Image – Voices

Body Image – Voices

“You have to find your own aesthetic because there’s only one ‘you’. Love yourself for who you are.” Queens, NY…

Bulimia Recovery Isn’t a One-Off: I Live With my Eating Disorder

It starts small. “I have to get to class, so I’ll just grab coffee for breakfast.” “Right now I need…

How to Navigate Life at a Primarily White Institute

As a white person who grew up in a mixed-race family, I have seen several of my family members go…

Overcoming Mental Illness: My Struggle With Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

I’ve struggled with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder my whole life, but the past year is when my symptoms started significantly affecting my…


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invisible minority

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Climate Change: The Damage of 2 Degrees

2 Degrees of Uncertainty

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Depression: The Most Realistic and Underestimated Mental Illness


When someone has depression, whether it is diagnosed or not, the reasoning behind it is not always simple. Even though depression…

7,190 Miles Away from Civilization – Hiking the World

Hiker 3

“Ever since I’ve been born I’ve just been in the dirt. It’s always been a happy place for me.” Eddie…

The Environmental Issues Surrounding the Proposed Border Wall


As President Trump attempts to allocate funds for his campaign-promised border wall with Mexico, environmental groups are gearing up with…

Are Black Women Not Women? The Beguiled Controversy


You might not have heard much about Sofia Coppola’s “The Beguiled,” but it has received critical acclaim from critics. Director Coppola’s…

Virginia College Town at the Center of Deadly, Alt-White Demonstration


One person is dead and dozens have been injured after white supremacists converged on the small college town of Charlottesville,…

Navigating Scott Pruitt’s EPA


It has been nearly six months since Scott Pruitt became chief of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and he has…

Make Margaret Atwood Fiction Again


Some may recall this sign as one that stood out during the Women’s March back in January. In recent months,…

The Two Sides of Donald J. Trump


Everyone has the power to see each other from different perspectives. In the case of Donald J. Trump, he is…