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4 Ways to Stop Hating Yourself

stop hating yourself

Self-hatred is a path many find themselves on without realizing it. “I hate myself” is a common thought you may find yourself thinking. This is a feeling that quickly transforms into a lifestyle.

Loss of motivation, lack of self-respect, the feeling of inadequacy, and overall sadness will begin to plague your life in the presence of self-hatred. However, you should give yourself more credit.

The path of self-loathing is one you could return back from once you put in some necessary steps towards recovery.

You are worth it and always good enough. You truly are your worst enemy, but you could save yourself. There are ways to work towards loving yourself again with changes you could implement today.

You Don’t Have to be Perfect

Seeking perfection is a disappointment that’s waiting to happen. It’s nearly impossible to reach perfection, yet most of us still strive for it.

Be your own kind of perfect. Allow yourself to fail because there’s always more you can improve on for the next time.

Instead, work towards being a better version of yourself. Every success and failure will help you rise to your own perfection.

Don’t compare yourself to others because perfection is an illusion and it could turn your friends and colleagues into rivals.

Take Time to Spoil Yourself

Sometimes you may get so busy from everything going on in your life that you forget about yourself.

Self-care is crucial when it comes to the road to loving yourself. Spoil yourself!

Do all the things you love to do that you don’t do enough of.

Get your nails and hair done, do some retail therapy, and have a night in with snacks, face masks, and positive people. Try to fit a nap in there too. You work hard, so find time to pamper yourself every once in a while.

Healthy Coping Mechanism

When you find yourself beginning to self-loathe, it is important to have a healthy coping mechanism. Be sure to avoid unhealthy ways such as drinking because it’s not a way for you to heal properly.

Seek out healthy methods such as writing in a journal, confiding in a friend, working out, or seeking out a therapist. Everyone has different ways to cope, you just need to find what works best for you. You need to find your way to get out and stay out of this mindset.

Take Time to Say You Love Yourself

The only person you know from beginning to end is yourself. You’ve gone through a lot together and you’ve seen yourself grow into the person you are today.

Take time out of your day to acknowledge 10 traits you love about yourself. You could write them down or say them aloud, either will get the job done.

Be sure to list 5 physical and 5 personality qualities. Make sure to get to 10 traits every time you do this. It’s a valuable routine that will help you realize you are worthy of love and appreciation.

By: Vivianna Shields



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